The whole focus of the Company will be on Customer Service and providing fantastic value for money.

By registering for the FREE GN CARD the Customer will become a member of the Company and be able to take advantage of the following benefits.

  • Use the Card to obtain discounts from various Local and National Companies thus SAVING money.
  • Be able to refer contacts to the Company and get incentive bonuses – every time a referral is made that joins the Company the referrer is paid a percentage of what that person buys from us. This gives people the opportunity to MAKE money.
  • Have the opportunity of buying products at great prices - everything is discounted and we will always aim to be the cheapest out there.
  • Extremely generous points and prize system where our customers will gain reward points for everything we spend. 

For a long time now Customers have been getting ripped off in the High Street with certain companies making as much as 200% profit. The aim of the GN Group will be to provide products and services at cheaper prices. Although as a Company we obviously want to make profit we will not make huge profits by ripping our customers off - in fact not only do we give 20% of all our profit to the Noahs Ark Charity for Terminally Ill Children we also give a large percentage of our profits back to our customers.

As you can see from above our Customers will get real value for money. The Customer WINS, The Charity WINS and the Company WINS – EVERYBODY WINS