Frequently Asked Questions 

Why are some of the products on the site so cheap ? 

Although as a Company we want to make profit we are not greedy and we really believe in giving good value. For far too long now customers have been ripped off by the high street with large organizations making billions of pounds. It is only now in the bad economic climate that you are seeing big companies lowering their prices,This shows that they could have been doing this in the first place and looking after their customers properly. Our profits are low so as a result we can offer better deals. 

Is it true that GN Group gives 20% of its profit to charity ? 

Yes its true at the present time we have decided to give 20% of our profit to Charity and have chosen the Noahs Ark Charity for Terminally Ill Children. 

Why did you choose the Noahs Ark Charity ? 

We were looking for a Charity that was involved with Children and wanted to find a Charity that was transparent and genuine,so that we could be confident our money was in safe hands and being used properly.

Does it cost money to exhibit on SELL IT ?

Yes it does however our costs as you would expect are very low. For any item under £10 we will charge 50p to list and 2% in Transaction Fees. For any item over £10 right up to £10,000 we will only charge £1 and 2% in Transaction Fees.The Transaction Fee is only fair as it covers the Payment Charges for Debit and Credit Card Transactions.